3 Easy Ways to Make a Queen-Size Quilt for Those Who Have Found It Challenging Before

Queen-size quilts could be the largest size of quilts that any quilter can ever attempt to make. Most quilters are overwhelmed by the thought of making queen-sized quilts owing to their giant size. They measure about 80 x 90. Knowing where to start making a quilt that size can seemingly be a difficult task.


The task may not be as daunting as you think, after all. If you are interested in making one, there are three steps which are not only quick but also easy that can help you learn how to make a queen-size quilt on your own.

There is one quick and simple way you can make a quilt of any size which involves using your favourite fabric precuts. You can use these to make a standard patchwork quilt. You can create an 85isquare quilt with just 42-piece layer cakes and using a 9.9 layout of the 10 squares.

And to make it more interesting, you may add some sashing between the squares. This option is preferable if your cake either has fewer than 42 pieces, or perhaps you would like to have some amount of breathing space between busy prints or prints that are similar since it offers a resting place for the eyes.

At times, although it may not be difficult to find an ideal pattern, it might not provide a queen-size option. For those who are good in maths, it may be possible to modify the pattern by upsizing it. However, adding a border is also a valid option.

When it comes to adding a border, it is not a must that it should be more of either the background or solid fabric. In fact, you can use some of the scraps from the project to create a pieced border. The scraps donít have to be too wide either. You should bear in mind that in case you need an additional 10 width, it means 5 on each side to make 10î, but not 10î on each side.

There is also another option, and that is doubling it up and adding two borders, with one wider and another thinner. You can use a solid as the thin border and the large-scale print for the wider border. This will allow the print to be distinct from the blocks in the center of the quilt.

Just in case you have some few blocks lying around from an earlier incomplete project, you can add a considerable number of solids in order to bring it up to a queen-size quilt. You donít have to use them in making a baby quilt. Your blocks will be displayed in a fascinating manner by the negative space created while at the same time provide an opportunity for you to practice your free-motion quilting.

If a full design seems too busy for your dÈcor, you can use negative space to create a calmer quilt for your bedroom.

By following the above fast and simple ways to make a queen-size quilt, you will no longer be overwhelmed by those large measurements.

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