Brother CS6000i Vs Singer 7258: Which Should You Buy?

Should you choose a Brother CS6000i or a Singer 7258? What is the best sewing machine brand?


When choosing the best sewing machine, you need to compare the pros and cons of each to help decide. Each sewing machine will have the perfect features you are looking for to complete your sewing craft projects.

Most sewers, even beginners, have heard of the companies Brother and Singer. And while there are many other sewing machine manufacturers, these are the two that we associate to the sewing world.

After years of competing against each other, Brother and Singer have developed two sewing machines — the Brother CS6000i and the Singer 7258 — that are in direct competition with the other regarding features, quality and price. So it all comes done to which sewing machine is truly better in both benefits and features.

To determine this, you need to know the basic features that each machine offers, any addition features that make the sewing machine stand out, and if there are any cons about each machine that may tip the purchasing scale.

So let’s find out more information about these two particular sewing machines. First we will talk about the Brother CS6000i.

Brother CS6000i: What This Sewing Machine Can Offer?

Why is it consider as one of the best sewing machines for beginners? Coming in at under $300, the Brother CS6000i has all the basic features you would expect in a light, portable computerized sewing machine.

It has 60 pre-set stitch settings that are built-in as you select the stitch you want (garment, decorative, heirloom, quilt) on the LCD screen.

Brother CS6000i Feature-Rich Sewing Machine With 60 Built-In Stitches, 7 styles of 1-Step Auto-Size Buttonholes, Quilting Table, and Hard Cover.

Here are some of the reason that I consider why this machine is worth the spotlight:

1. You can create 7 different styles of buttonholes with automatic sizing with the Brother CS6000i sewing machine.

2. It has an automatic needle threader and up to 9 different pressure feet to choose from as you can simply snap the pressure feet into place.

Brother CS6000i Important Features

1. It’s lightweight

And that is a must for people who need a portable machine if taking it to a sewing class or to a clothing shop.

2. The Brother CS6000i gives you a great range of stitch styles that will cover most of your sewing needs no matter what type of garment or project you are working on.

This one of the reasons why this sewing machine is one of the best beginner sewing machines available in the market.

3. This sewing machine has an easy-to-use tension control dial and adjustable sewing speed dial making it one of the easiest sewing machine to use.

4. Another feature that makes the Brother CS6000i stand out is the detachable oversized table.

When you need the room, just fold the table and place it to the side. When you are working on large sewing projects, such as quilts and curtains, attach the table to the Brother CS6000i sewing machine to give your craft project the proper support.

To know more about this machine, watch the walk- trough video below.

Singer 7258: Why You Would Love It?

When you are looking for the best sewing machine under $300 but offers a multitude of sewing stitches, the Singer 7258 can fit into those requirements.

Why we think you’d love the SINGER 7258

1. It offers 100 different sewing stitches built in that you can program into the computerized LCD screen.

2. It has an automatic needle threader and an automatic drop-in bobbin feature with automatic bobbin winding.

3. The Singer 7258 has ten different pressure feet to choose from and an automatic pressure foot pressure feature.

4. An adjustable sewing speed rounds out this sewing machine nicely.

Singer 7258 Important Features

1. It has way more stitch options (100), and pressure feet (10) that you would ever expect from a sewing machine that won’t break your budget.

You will try to create as many different craft projects as you can just to see if you can use all the available stitches and pressure feet it has.

2. If doing applique, the Singer 7258 has a needle up/needle down programmable button to make it easier to attach ornaments to garments.

3. It has 6 automatic 1-step buttonhole features along with one automatic 4-step buttonhole feature.

4. With a bright LED light to illuminate the work surface and allow you to see every stitch you are making, the Singer 7258 offers you a multitude of features that you would expect from larger and more costly sewing machines.

Watch this video to see the important features in action and see if this model fits your need.

Brother CS6000i VS Singer 7258

Similar Features

1. Both machines are computerized with easy to read LCD display screens that allow you to read the stitch pattern that you select.

2. You will find that both machines have automatic needle threading and drop-in bobbin features, along with adjustable sewing speed controls and reverse stitching benefits.

3. The Brother CS6000i and the Singer 7258 have a built-in free arm that makes it easier to sew cuffs, hems, and pants legs.

4. They also store all accessories (extra spool pins, pressure feet, screwdriver, darning plate and other items) inside the free arm so that you can always have the accessories wherever you take the sewing machines.

5. Both are also priced relatively the same, as you won’t find too many machines under $300 with this many features.


1. The Singer 7258 is a little heavier, coming in at 19.2 pounds compared to the Brother CS6000i which only weighs 16 pounds. So when you think of portability, the Brother CS6000i tops out.

2. The Singer 7258 has 100 stitch functions while the Brother CS6000i only has 60 stitch functions.

3. The Brother CS6000i can stitch up to a 7mm width, while the Singer 7258 can only stitch up to a 6mm width.

Which One Is Better?

Comparing the Brother CS6000i to the Singer 7258 is like comparing a golden delicious apple to a granny smith apple. Both have so many similarities that they outweigh the differences, and even the differences aren’t overtly significant to place one in the top spot.

So when you personally compare them, you will have to choose the features you would prefer to have the most, and base those requirements on your buying decision.

Yet, if you pin me down for an opinion, I would recommend the Brother CS6000i for beginner and intermediate sewers. It’s portable so you can carry it to classes, and it is a great machine to begin learning all the functions without being overburdened with additional features that you won’t be using at your stage of learning.

Expert sewers can consider purchasing the Brother CS6000i when they have specific projects in mind. But they may lean more toward the Singer 7258 simply for the extra built-in stitch features and pressure feet to do more complex craft projects.

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