Great Ideas For Repurposing Your Old Clothes

When it comes to repurposing old clothes, most people generally think yard sale, give them to charity or hand them down to the next generation. While those are three useful options for old clothing, there are also other ways you can repurpose your old clothes.

repurposed scarf

One great item that can easily be repurposed and look very fashionable, just on a different part of the body, is the scarf. You typically would wear a scarf around your neck. However, once a scarf has lived its glory days, it can serve to create that “wrapped skirt” look.

Women everywhere have made some great creations out of men’s old clothes. For instance, a man’s old shirt can have a few alterations made on a sewing machine to become a nice summery woman’s top. Give it that pleated look around the bosom, and it will flare out a little at the hips, naturally corseted slightly at the waist.

Women have shared the idea of using old shirts to create pom poms for their arts and crafts projects as well as unique little handbags for produce. The hair posies and other pieces you can make with repurposed clothing is very artsy. Not to mention, you can make an entire quilt out of any old clothes. A nice jeans quilt is a great idea.

If you have an older shirt that is a solid color, you can completely change it’s look by putting your own designs on there. Additionally, did you know that you can make a night shirt into shorts?

Everyone that has a child ends up with tons of baby clothes they could repurpose. You can make little creatures or stuffed animals out of them, among other things. Sweaters offer some very nice fabrics, but when they get worn out, you can downsize them and make a very unique hat.

The t-shirt scarf option seems to be quite popular as well, with several different alternative ideas representing the one. Do you have any old pillow cases lying around? If so, you can turn these into toddler rompers or clothes to get through those fast growing times with your child.

Sleeping bags for toddlers and babies can be made out of pillowcases as well, with a few extra steps. Some of these transitions mentioned are quite simple, while others involve a little more experience with arts and crafts techniques. Still, they can all be done by anyone willing to learn.

People like turning old shirts into artwork, taking the sleeves off of them, turning them into baby hats and more. Repurposing your old clothes can save you money, and it helps you get in that frame of mind where you start exploring how to repurpose other things in your home.

What have you thought about making out of old clothing? There are many more ideas out there, and these are just some of the different ones you can try. Since you’re repurposing clothing items, each of them is going to be very unique.

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