Top 10 Sewing Tips That You May Not Already Know: A Beginner’s Guide

In previous years, the art of sewing was associated with either seamstresses or older individuals; it was not considered a hobby or fun activity for the average person.


Nowadays, like knitting, sewing has become a popular pastime due to the promotion in Project Runway and other such television shows.

This article will provide information on what sewing is, how to sew, and some insider tips on being a master seamstress (sort of).

1. Be Patient

Many individuals feel that sewing is a simple activity; however, one will be required to learn about sewing methods. Patience is a key factor as this task can take time and effort to master.

2. Manage Expectations

In addition to patience, one must learn to set achievable goals for the sewing task. If the expectations are too high, one may become restless and discouraged; however, if the expectations are realistic there is a greater chance of achieving satisfaction from the task.

3. Learn The Lingo

All activities have a specific terminology and to become a competent seamstress it is essential that you are aware of these terms. This knowledge will ensure a smoother entry into the world of sewing.

4. Beginning With Simple Patterns

To create effective items it is recommended that one begin with the basics. Begin with simpler tasks, such as sewing table cloths and settee throws. If one is determined to create clothing, begin with simple skirts and shawls.

5. Reading Patterns

It is all good and well to sew to a pattern, but one must understand how to read a pattern before progress can be made. The sewing pattern is a guide on the stitching required, how to create these stitches, and how to manage the fabric being used.

6. Using Quality Materials

An interest in sewing can often be associated with the items being produced. If an item is created with poor quality material and inferior thread, it is likely that it will be disappointing; however, if one uses high quality resources the product will be superior and one will feel a sense of achievement.

7. Mastering The Sewing Machine

Sewing equipment includes far more than a sewing machine and table for drafting. In fact, there are numerous items to be used; however, the most important resource is the machine. There are various types of sewing machines available and it is recommended that one complete research into these models before finding the best option for your needs. You may opt to buy a sewing machine that will not break the bank while giving you some nice features. The best sewing machine under 200 that I can recommend is the Brother XL2600I.

8. Using The Steam Iron

All seamstresses will agree that a steam iron is an essential tool for master sewing. It is far easier to sew straight when the fabric is flat and not bunched up.

9. Practice

As with all activities, the only way to attain mastery is through constant practice. Only experience will help one move from simple to superior sewing.

10. Have Fun

Any enjoyable task can lose its appeal if it is seen as work and not a pleasant pastime. The final tip is to treat sewing as a hobby and play as much as you want and not treat is as if its your work.

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